With a great startup track record of generic leading digital solutions to complex business problems, Sparkes International is a global force within the technity labs and other companies drives.


We are committed to helping the customer to better experiences for their companies. Our digital solutions empower a broader selection of rewards in the business.


Our company was founded in 2014, as previously “Creative Solutions – Freelance Agency” but now we’ve been shaping at a good pace and now established international clients with a good reputation. From startup to company, retention to redemption, our digital solutions provide throughout all stages of the business journey to maximize their lifetime value digital market.


We started Technity Labs with the mission to enhance digital technology, integrity and agile methadologies


We want to establish a digital technology company that we work as a entrepreneurs  and companies would ourselves partner with to see new technology solutions that they would never think before.

Technity Management

Our Industry professionals that lead our departments and it is driven by the most experience and innovative individuals that share with us every day.

Abdul Ahad

Head of Digital Commerce

Atifa Badar

Design & Marketing Head

Harris Brodie

GM Global Operations

Katye Adrus

Head of Marketing

Omer Ansari

Tech Solution Analyst

Osama Mir

Team Lead

Sofia Margus

Head Customer Experience

Ebrahim Ejaz

Head of International Sales

Abihraj Arora

Head of Global Operations

Ahmeera Nasir

Head of QA & Special Projects

Why Choose Us

Industry Experts

We acquire detailed knowledge of your industry needs and work standards to efficiently deliver the top services.

Decisive Releases

Our team never compromised, when we promised on delivering the decided products and services on accurate time

Positive Work Record

Our Dedicated team players go beyond to satisfy clients, Your elegancy towards your quality work is always our topmost priority

Experienced Troop

Technity Labs professionals provide brilliant and unique ideas, in-depth expertise, and will make you succeed.

Universal Footprint

Our work operations span three countries to deliver digital fast and accurate work as per your organization's needs.

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